You’ve been hunting for years and finally caught that trophy you were after,so what’s next?Many good trophies are ruined in the first few hours after death because of poor handling of the specimen. Trophies need to be skinned and salted correctly to ensure a good quality mount. There has been many an occasion that Scott has had to turned away a job because of poor field preparation leading to an unworkable specimen. To aid field preparation Scott has produced a video “How to cape out a Sambar Stag in preparation for mounting”. For $30 + p&h, this video is a good investment to ensure your trophy will be the best it can be in preparation for mounting. If you would like to purchase a video please contact Scott on 0402 924 188 or click HERE to send an email. As Scott says “A well caped out specimen will lead to a well finished mount.”

Taxidermy for hunters by a hunter

Scott has an amazing ability to create trophies that replicate the animal in the wild. An avid hunter himself, Scott knows the habits and characteristics of each animal – giving him the ability to make them as life-like as possible.

We guarantee your trophy will be second to none.